Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lipinski Symposium: Materials Online

Here's the link to the presentation materials from the Lipinski Symposium. Those of us who didn't get the coveted invitation or missed parts of the symposium can play catch up.

I'm promised a full-fledged report on the Symposium in the next day or so from a participant who disagrees with the snarky comments posted thus far. In the meantime check out page 3 of 4 of David Horner's presentation. Then consider how likely it is that the description of SB 572 and its sales tax increase as a long-term operating funding solution for public transit will prove to be correct.


Anonymous said...

So, here's what's I'd like to know about this Symposium: who from the leading transportation agencies was actually there? IDOT, CDOT, CMAP, RTA, CTA, Metra and Pace? Were they well represented? Invited at all? If so, did they participate? Did THEY say anything interesting? Useful?

Anonymous said...

I thought the leading transportation agencies were well represented considering the circumstances.

1) Representatives were supposed to be in session that it was cancelled last minute, that is why Rep. Coulson was able to show up for the last panel.

2) US House Reps were in session but I believe I saw someone from Melissa Bean's office.

3) CMAP and RTA were well represented throughout the day.

4) A glance at the nametags suggested that Pace and Metra delegates registered but weren't in attendance.

5) I noted a few staff from suburban towns and cities as well.

Anonymous said...

So.... no CDOT, IDOT, CTA?

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing a few top officials from Pace, Tollway and CDOT too.

A few IDOT people were in attendance during Oberstar's speech but I don't recall they were in attendance during the local leaders panel.