Friday, October 12, 2007

Countdown To The Lipinski Symposium

The exclusive, by-invitation-only, hottest-ticket-in-town Lipinski Symposium on Transportation Policy is on Monday. You can download a program and reading list here.

The symposium is supposed to be webcast through a link on the Northwestern University Infrastructure Technology Institute webpage. Such a link is nowhere to be found. But if your taste in entertainment is watching our local transportation elite respond to contemporary transportation management/funding ideas (e.g., red-faced hoots of "Mais Non! No congestion pricing in our town" and vigorous waving of placards "SB 572 or Death") then try to tune in Monday morning. The phone number of the Infrastructure Technology Institute is 847-491-8165. Bug 'em if the webcast link isn't up by then.

Thanks to a kind reader for these links, which are tucked into one of the highly coveted invitations.

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Anonymous said...

I believe the ED of ITI has been rather preoccupied as of late. So they might be working on other things besides the linkup.