Friday, October 12, 2007

I-70 Project: More Background

Small world department. On Tuesday this blog covered the mid-September announcement by the FHWA that a team consisting of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri had won a Corridor of the Future grant to study truck-only lanes on I-70 through these states.

On Friday the Tribune finally covered the story or, to be more accurate, reprints an Associated Press article that relied upon a story in the Indianapolis Star.

The Star article is more complete than the Tribune article, which I guess is appropriate since Indiana not Illinois is the moving force between this project.


Davey said...

Not a dime for this or any other highway project until mass transit is fully funded. If pain is what's wanted, let the pain be as universal as possible.

Anonymous said...

Davey, have you acknowledged this and that correction? Or are you just an ideologue?

Mark said...


Is toll road revenue sufficient to fund the US military, which is currently involved in a very expensive war with the main purpose of providing security for oil extraction?

How long can the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority guarantee that gas prices will stay low enough that highways can remain a viable method of transportation? Do they think about factors such as dwindling oil exports from supplier nations like Mexico? What about increased competition for oil from massively populous and rapidly industrializing nations such as China and India? Or the vulnerability of gasoline refinery infrastructure to ever more frequent and damaging hurricanes?

Anonymous said...

What about electric vehicles, which will run on the equivalent of $1 a gallon or less when the battery/supercap technology matures? It will change the game.