Monday, August 20, 2007

Representative Hamos Honked Off

Metra officials are not the only public servants upset at the lack of action on SB 572. Representative Julie Hamos is quoted on public radio "blam[ing] party leaders for blocking a vote on a transit bill." Here is a transcript of her statement and commentary from the reporter:

HAMOS: There's public mudslinging, they're fighting with themselves and it's so sick that they se [sic] beyond themselves to see that there are 2 million rides a day that will be impacted by our actions in Springfield.

Hamos says she has to votes to pass the bill. Her proposal would help to fund local transit by increasing sales and real estate transfer taxes.

Note that Representative Hamos repeats what she posted in this blog, namely, that she has enough votes to pass SB 572.

Does Representative Hamos' public fingering of the leadership of her own party as the reason that SB 572 is stalled affect the prospects that the bill will pass?

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Anonymous said...

No, Madigan supports the bill and will work for its passage after other clouds blow over