Monday, August 13, 2007

Representative Hamos' Assessment Of Prospects For Transit Package

In case you missed it, Representative Julie Hamos, the moving force behind the multi-year effort that has culminated in SB 572, posted her assessment of the political prospects for the transit funding/RTA reform package. Responding to an assertion in a previous post that the bill has the support of only 50 House members she stated:

Here's the political landscape in Springfield: Two weeks ago we had 3/5ths vote in both chambers to pass this bill, and to override a possible gubernatorial veto (that's 71 votes, not 50). Legislators were willing to support the comprehensive approach contained in SB 572, including funding for downstate transit. However, currently the Republican leaders are withholding votes in order to combine transit funding with funding for a major capital infrastructure bond program. Hopefully we will get both done by the end of the month.

Thanks for sharing your assessment.


Anonymous said...

An ally yes, Moving Force no. That's the little guy with the oversized glasses and the same old regulation Tommpsonite mid-weight blue pinstripe suit.

"Hopefully" is quite revealing compared to the days we thought would never end, oh but those were the days-- la di da-da la di da-di da-da.

Now, with 2 different legislative movements in the vanguard, some form of funding compromise may yet emerge.

But here's an assessment: up or down, the epilogue when written, will be much more interesting than the saga.

Anonymous said...

will we know when Madigan and Cross are back in town, negotiating over transit funding, as promised?

jackonthebus said...

According to reports, including the Tribune, the budget battle is over (at least with Jones agreeing to uphold the line item and amendatory vetoes). Maybe now the legislature can get to the capital program and transit.

Tracing the links, Moderator is deserving of props for Julie Hamos responding first here.

Anonymous said...

I was in the capitol when the Governor had his press conference.

Once this budget battle blows over; and hopefully soon; there is a sense of distrust in the capitol between the leaders; moving forward, I can only phantom the back and forth on capitol and transit between the leaders.

Today's tactics can only strain the relationship between the four tops; which at this time, to be held by a spider web.

Anonymous said...

Yoo Hoo--

Has RTA issued a statement yet?

Anonymous said...

okay, yoo hoo-

No, the RTA has been silent recently.

Still trying figure out this whole ICE fund and suburban mobility fund; now that the language is posted; it appears these funds are discretionary in nature.

Has the RTA carved out $30 million for themselves away from PACE. I hear PACE needs $60 million and is not all that thrilled with the current funding split.

Things that make you go hmm......

RTA reform, my ass.