Sunday, July 29, 2007

Urban Partnership Program: Update

The failure of the region's transportation team to make it past the first round in the U.S. Department of Transportation's Urban Partnership Program and its $1.1 billion was a big loss. The loss illustrated just how far behind this region is compared to other urban areas when it comes to embracing innovative solutions to transportation problems. Forget our pretensions of having or building a "world class" transportation system. This area couldn't even beat the likes of Denver and Minneapolis.

If this somewhat dated report is to be believed, by August 9th DOT will announce the five winners from among the nine semi-finalists: New York, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Miami, Denver and Dallas.

Stayed tuned. With a few recent exceptions I guess we are used to watching others compete for the big prizes.


Anonymous said...

Hilkevitch at the Trib picked up your tune today.

Anonymous said...

But it seemed like Hilkevitch stressed that whatever plans Chicago had couldn't be promptly implemented, although the lack of congestion pricing was also mentioned.