Thursday, February 8, 2007


The Neighborhood Capital Budget Group has expired.

For almost 20 year NCBG has played an active role on transit issues. It could be counted on for a gritty, practical perspective on transit funding and transit operations issues. Unlike many academic and think tank analyses, which hide all sorts of class and racial assumptions under the rubric of "efficiency," the NCBG was never shy about discussing race and equity issues as they related to transit.

The NCBG website is here. The website of the Campaign for Better Transit, one of the NCBG's major initiatives, is here. The wealth of reports and other information about transit-related issues may be posted for only a few more weeks, so download away.

It would be great to have had NCBG's perspective on the Moving Beyond Congestion (and TFIF) initiative. Losing NCBG's voice will impoverish the ongoing discussion about transit issues in the region.

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