Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One Month Temporary Budget & Transit

House Bill 3920 is the one-month temporary budget passed by the Illinois House that will allow the State to keep running through July. The Senate has yet to pass the bill.

How does transit fare? Here's a quick look. Appreciate any help from readers. It looks like the RTA is getting its full-year allocations in the first month of the year.

-- $37,318,100 for reduced fare reimbursement
-- $186,900,000 appropriated from the Public Transportation Fund to IDOT for the purposes set out in Section 4.09 of the RTA Act (Is this new money or just the funding of the State's 25% PTF match?)
-- $40,000,000 in "additional State assistance" (funds for bond repayment)
-- $95,300,000 from the Public Transportation FUnd to IDOT for "Additional Financial Assistance" (bond funds)
-- $54,251,555 for ADA paratransit funding

Again, appreciate any analysis of these numbers.

Got to catch the bus!


metal medusa said...

Just keep in mind that the 30 day budget is only good for 30 days. Yes, it reflects an annual amount - but just divide by 12 months.

At the rate things are going in Springfield, we may have a continuation of these 30 day budgets, despite the Governor's tactic to keep lawmakers in Springfield through special sessions.

Moderator said...

Metal Medusa--

Thanks so much for this clarification.