Monday, December 4, 2006

Sad But True Department--MBC Calendar Has Street Maps But No Transit Information

The Moving Beyond Congestion project kicks off its public hearings tonight.

The on-line calendar contains a listing of hearing locations and dates. When you click on an entry there is a "See Map" link. That takes you a Yahoo Maps street map showing the exact location of the hearing. This is a real helpful tool if you are driving to the hearing.

But aren't these hearings about public transit? Yet, the map does not show public transit bus or rail routes. The calendar has no information about whether and how to access the hearing site by public transit. There are no maps or schedules for public transit service, in any, in the vicinity of the hearing. There's no link to the RTA's travel planner. There is not one word on the calendar page encouraging people to use transit when they attend the meeting.

This from the agency (RTA) that is asking for billions of new dollars to build a "world class" transit system after presiding over transit's shrinking market share in the region for the past 25 years.

If the RTA cannot be an effective advocate for using public transit to its own public hearings, why should we expect it to be an effective advocate and steward for the region's public transit system generally?

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